Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 yrs., 4 months & counting

Putting my thoughts down will probably earn me labels such as, bigot, racists, cynic and some others I hadn't thought of.

Barack Hussein Obama more than likely was born in Hawaii, but because his camp refuses to produce a legitimate copy causes the birther controversy. I also don't believe he is Muslim. I think his up bringing has a tremendous influence on the way he looks at Islam and his relationship with it. I believe at one time he may have followed the Koran due to circumstances in his youth and family condition.

I don't think he is a serious Christian; identifying himself as such only to promote and further his ambitions. He wants to be all things to all people and be loved like a Rap star.

Fidel Castro came down from the hills a hero, but turned into an oppressor, worse than Batista. Obama rose out of Chicago's political machine, to some a Savior. Cuba lost its middle class. We are facing redistribution of our toils.

The people are starting to realize who this man is and with each passing day their enchantment is slowly fading away when his motives and in-competency become more evident.

Two years, four months and counting!

Written by George, A Real Conservative

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