Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ron Klein's Negative Campaign Attacks Allen West

Those of us in South Florida are tired of despicable Democrats ruining our State. We will not forget we had WexLiar (Wexler) as a local Politician yet where did he reside? Kentucky or Detroit or wherever it was, Florida was not his home. This Klein is in the same mold of WexLiar. They promoted Billy Clinton like he was a savior. Now they believe any criticism thrown at HARVARD Barry Soetoro is Racist. Yet, why is not Racist when a lowlife, weasel Democrat launches a campaign of lies about Allen West? Oh I see, only liberals and self Loathing whites and blacks are victims of Racism.

I hope you will read the letter below which was written by Allen West.

Dear Fellow Patriots:

Over the last couple of weeks, it has become apparent that Ron Klein will run a decidedly negative campaign aimed at character assassination since his policies have been a complete failure to South Floridians. As unemployment continues to rise and foreclosures continue to pile up - all under Klein's watch - he is running from his record and has dispatched his political henchmen to do his dirty work.

Insidious child-like name calling emanating from those on the far left is of no consequence to a professional Soldier who has fought in several combat zones. However, there is a clear hypocrisy when you consider any statement against President Obama's policies results in claims of racism, while a decorated combat veteran gets called a "dangerous extremist." Yet again, we see the fear and desperation of liberals when a minority political figure escapes their modern day plantation and promotes a conservative ideology of individual responsibility and accountability, free market solutions, American values and leadership, and national security.

Maybe Klein and his political hacks need a history lesson. The British once called our Founding Fathers radicals and extremists, but all Americans today call them Patriots.

As Klein and his ultra-Liberal supports try to rob the citizens of South Florida of a campaign based on issues and substance, I will continue to run a campaign that will clearly contrast the choices the voters have on November 2nd. I will go to Congress and cut taxes - Klein has and continues to support tax increases. I aim to cut government spending, while Klein has voted for numerous massive spending increases. I will work tirelessly to enact policies that will unleash the American worker and strengthen small businesses. Klein's policies have stifled our economy.

It comes down to a simple question - are the good people of District 22 better off today than they were in 2007? If not, the choice on November 2nd is clear.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (Ret) Allen B. West
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