Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where The Big Bucks Are

Running and getting elected to public office, it's not unusual to sell half your soul to the political machine and the other half to special interest groups that are the goose that lays the golden egg, to out spend the opposition. Seldom does somebody emerge with enough backbone to serve the public and not the manipulators behind the scene.

It's been a losing battle reminding those we put into office that they are working for us, not we working for them.

Not that long ago, a usual smug female Senator from a far western state, denigrated a high ranking military officer for addressing her as ma am. She was indignant and chastised him because he didn't address her as Senator; after all, she worked so hard to become one. The arrogance of an Elitist at its peak! Hopefully her constituency will feed her humble pie in November.

The T.E.A.'s movement mirrors my anger, frustration and view toward the privileged leeches in office. We have to replace them with dedicated individuals who have the tenacity to serve without self benefit. They don't have to be Mother Teresa; just honest and forthright with the tax payers money. Is this an impossible dream?

Scratching the surface searching for this illusive dream, William Jefferson,
Charles Rangel, John Conyer's spouse and Maxine Waters do not come to mind. Would the Clintons have been able to shell out a million or better bucks for Chelsea's wedding before he became president?

Public office is turning out to be a very lucrative and profitable business.

Written by George, a True Conservative

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Stop The Nazi Left Wingers said...

George W. spends $100K on Jenna's wedding. He gets hammered by Fringe media. Silly Willie Clinton spends 3.2 MILLION on his daughters wedding. The MSM supports that? And more lip service from the Left that Republicans are the party of the Rich?
The Left is destroying America!