Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ronald Reagan - A Time For Choosing

This Video above is about 4 minutes of Ronald Reagan's speech in support of Barry Goldwater, where he speaks of a rendezvous with destiny.
Listening to a true Conservative, it saddens me to see people like Lindsey Goober Graham running around with moderate views. A new slogan should be broadcast "Dump all RINOs and Fire every Democrat, Now"!

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ron8072 said...

I wish everyone could hear not only this speech but several others by a truly good man. I was talking to a woman yesterday that was convinced I was wrong when I said we woke up to a new world about a month ago with the passing of the financial overhaul. She said it was much better now. I said America was closer to France now than it was and she said that would be wonderful! I was speechless. There is a saying that there is no one blinder than those that will not see. Wonder what it will take to Wake America, or whats left of it, UP?

One Fed Up Patriot! said...

Yes to Ron at Comment above, I understand as I am surrounded by Liberals/Progressives in California. They THINK they want to be European. Do they know Hitler was European? France, Greece and most other countries have huge Radical Islam problems!