Monday, July 12, 2010


I don't believe many patriotic Americans who voted for Barack Obama realize
what or who they voted for.

Signs from the past and by association with individuals who have not been known
to or have the best interest for America, shared the same thoughts.
By his actions, it is becoming evident his direction to change America has a hidden
agenda to rewrite the Constitution. Foreign affairs by his state department, and
face to face contact with foreign dignitaries by himself, leaves a question whether he is President of these United States.

Our economy is in shambles with devastating unemployment, heading in the direction
of third world status. The conditions are ripe for another Hugo Chavez type leader
to enforce his vision and power.

If you aren't working for the government, you are paying public sector salaries. The
government isn't, we are! Where does the government their money to hire their
employees? They get it from the private sector. When this money tree is depleted, it
will be ripe for Obama to step in and take over and add it to his mortgage monopoly,
the banks and General Motors.

The Media will suffer the same fate by radical liberal suicide supporters.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

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