Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shariah Law Unconstitutional

To The American People,

I will appreciate your attention and consideration.

The first amendment was not written in stone. It was written on parchment,
and if there is an occurrence when it poses danger to our Constitution, national
security or the safety of people, prudent review and flexibility must be
evaluated to determine its application. Has it not been the case with elimination of
human sacrifice on religious grounds?

Components in Shariah law borders on human sacrifice, more political than
religion. This insipid chauvinistic inserted into Islam is an abomination to human dignity
and has no place in the community of civilized religions!

I the case of the first amendment and Shariah law, defending it will be like
our body's immune system turning on itself. With false hope I wish somebody with
backbone in Congress, will introduce a bill making Shariah law unconstitutional when
in conflict with civil law; nipping it in the bud before it can becoming an issue.

Terrorist, misinterpreters of the Koran and the ACLU will be offended and opposed
to this.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

Please see the Video in the NEXT Post below for more information on Radical Islam or CLICK HERE.

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