Saturday, July 10, 2010

Inflated Salaries and Egos

Too many Americans wear their brain where the sun don't shine.

Celebrity entertainers and athletes command obscene salaries for contributing nil to society. The public is at fault for contributing to the unbalanced compensation by patronizing their events and performances. Heads of companies and professional sports team owners trip over themselves to gain the upper edge over competitors by offering ridiculous contracts to anyone with a sharp business agent and manager.

A college graduate with a degree in biochemistry or astrophysics will never command the money in their life time that an athletic scholarship, liberal arts major will, while team owners with open check books, are waiting for them to graduate.

Ticket prices are getting out of hand because of the exorbitant salaries, and to help absorb the added cost of securing these events, theaters, arenas and stadiums raise the prices at the candy counter and concession stands.

Consumer goods also go up, because somebody has to pay for the millions of dollars in endorsements paid to these blobs for doing nothing except capitalizing on their notoriety.

Because these pseudo idolized creations by Marketers are put on pedestals, they think they are priveleged and moral behavior does not apply to them. I can't think of many of them in these fields of endeavor as role models for good, but I think many can be responsible for the decay of morality.

We can say, "Enough!" with our pocket book.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

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