Saturday, July 17, 2010

Missouri NAACP Rep said Uncle Tom Deserved Beating

This radical left winger, NAACP Representative, mentions this in the Video above:
Back in the day, we used to call someone like that, and I want to remind you, uh, when this incident occurred, I was really struck by a front page picture of this guy, which we called, a Negro, i mean that we call him a Negro in the fact that he works for not for our people but against our people. In the old days, we call him an Uncle Tom.

This lowlife NAACP clown wants to hold Black people down. He does not want free thinking, independent Black people.

Consider what a Real American Hero, Allen West said back in March. I am paraphrasing a bit.
Allen West mentioned Reid’s comments referencing “negro talk” is just indicative of the true thoughts of elitist liberals, and the Democratic party, The Democrats have thought this toward black Americans and hence held them down. The history of the Democrat party is one of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism.
This type of socialism was born from the Johnson Great Society programs that have castigated blacks as victims needing government dependency. Just look at the city of Detroit to ascertain what liberal social welfare policies have produced for the inner city, making it the new plantation for black Americans.

The Ku Klux Klan was birthed by the Democrats as a terrorist wing to intimidate blacks, and whites, who sought to promote economic and education independence and social justice for blacks.

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