Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stop Marxism & Keep Shirley Sherrod Unemployed

Shirley Sherrod is now the Victim! Yes that is Marxism and Black Theology at it's best. She was taken out of context with her Racist remarks. Yes, when a Racist Liberal gets caught, it is always "out of context".

Oh, so the real victim, the White Farmer is fine and dandy now so we have to let Sherrod off the hook for being a stinking racist? That is the same agenda the Left Wing Nazis use with Roman Polanski. Oh the Victim said she does not want to press charges so let low life Rapist Polanski off the hook. In fact Rapist Polanski is a cult hero with many Hollywood Crackpots and their Kool-Aid drinkers.
Ever think maybe that WHITE Farmer did not want Barry and his Thugs coming after him? Of course the Farmer does not want the SEIU, ACORN and Coward Eric Holders's New Black Panthers showing up on the farm. Look what the Chicago Gang did to Sarah Palin with lawsuits? The White Farmer might not have “his own people” (Sherrod's words for white people to go to their own people) to help him.
We must Stop Marxism and Black Theology from creeping in further to our Government.
Let's get graphic as we have to make a point. What if that was one of your family members or friends at the Fort Hood Massacre? Again, that is Political Correctness and Marxism terrorizing America.

Sherrod is now asking “WHAT CAN I GET”? She wants to hammer Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart is an American Hero for all he has done. Sherod is still a lowlife Racist left Winger!
Sherrod learned her lesson? Ya, it is okay for a high paid, Government Employee to say “we are better off with a Black President”. That Racist statement may have been the gravy to get her a new job in the Obama Regime.
Of course we are for Freedom of Speech. Yet when a Government Official is making obvious Racist Statements and getting paid with our Tax Dollars. She had to go!

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