Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reform Islam & Liberals

Through the centuries, the Christian church and its denominations struggled through reformations, transforming them into institutions serving their congregations in humanitarian ways, improve their spiritual and social condition.

Since its inception, Islam never went through any kind of reform, but remains in medieval mind set, in dire need for change to gain universal understanding and acceptance. Reform is needed to eliminate Jihad, Sharia, Wahoppy sect and the Egyptian Brotherhood.

The present administration's policies toward terrorism does nothing to induce Muslim nations to reappraise what is happening to their state religion and how it is affecting world peace. It is business as usual when our president bows to these despotic leaders and humbles himself and our country before them.

Have you noticed? President Obama seldom, or never salutes our flag, and shuns wearing a flag pin in his lapel, because it will give the impression he is taking sides. Excuse me Mr. President! What or who is the other side?

Must we remind him, he is suppose to be the leader of a country called the United States of America, not a world community. Not a socialistic but a capitalistic country that made it possible for him to become a millionaire.
Oh, I forgot! In socialist countries, not the people but the ruling party has and controls the wealth, and he is the ruling party.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

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