Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Political Ball Game

With a comfortable lead, it's the bottom of the eighth with two men on base and no outs. There's a call to the bull pen for a relief pitcher, because the starter reached the 100 pitch count.

Does this sound like a typical Florida Marlins game? It's not! The one hundred pitches represent George W. Bush's eight years in office. The two men on base are his weak spots, the GOP deficit and his handling illegals at the border.

Barack Hussein Obama comes on the pitcher's mound with great fan fare and hope as the closer to save the day. Oops! He can't find the plate, issuing alot of bases on balls, a couple of grand slam home runs, a few solo ones, a triple, some doubles and a scattering of singles, with lots of errors from his team mates. Not only is he losing the game, but the season is shot.

Replace the home runs, triple, doubles, singles, walks and errors with his deficit figures, stimulus package, unemployment, Obama care, his inept handling of the Gulf oil leak, constant bowing and apologizing to our enemies, living high on the hog at the White house with lavish entertainment, costly tax payer funding for romantic dates
with Michelle, abusing the privilege of Air Force One, not reading bills and other documents such as Arizona's immigration law and then passing judgment on them.

Between vacations, golf, entertaining and fund raising, it doesn't leave him much time to practice his pitching. He should be sent to the showers and then packed off to the minors. He doen't belong in the big leagues!

Written by George, A Real Conservative

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