Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop Marxism! Vote for West over Klein

We must stop the Liberals from installing another limp wristed Obama follower into the Florida House of Representatives (same for Florida Governor, no Democrats or Traitors like Crist). Below you can read Allen West talk about his goal to destroy the liberal progressive socialist and Marxist machine.
I know I have to say it everyday to try and let it sink into some Liberal Domes. The Marxist regime is destroying America so Barry and his Chicago Thugs must go (politically)!

First Week: West vs Klein

Greetings Patriots,

From henceforth I will provide a weekly assessment of our campaign to unseat the inept Florida Congressman, Ron Klein. This last week we secured the GOP nomination by defeating a liberal Trojan Horse, whom the Palm Beach Post endorsed, with 77% of the vote.

Not even before the primary race had ended, Klein launched his first TV commercial, a negative attack piece, a sure sign of desperation. It is evident that the tone for Klein's strategy has been set, "my voting record is abysmal so I will attack LTC(R) Allen B West." What his insidious advertisement shows the viewer is that Klein has no regard for working American families - certainly not any member of the Serf class who would dare challenge little Lord Ron.

Furthermore, it reveals how much respect this cretin has for our Military Veterans and their families who serve in order to provide the freedoms under which he lives. I will take pure pleasure in defeating Klein, as it will provide a Victory for the common American, as well as our Servicemen and women.

As well, this week the snippy little liberal chihuahuas came out to bark at my ankles - that means you Keith Olbermann and David Weigel - of "journolist" fame. These two little boys decided to chime in, Olbermann naming me "Worst Person in the World" for a third time, while Weigel had the delusional gall to declare me, well, crazy.

Message to all liberals, name calling and petulant simpleton gimmicks dare not distract me from my mission; destroying the liberal progressive socialist machine and its legislative agenda......Klein is just a stepping stone to that end.

You will find that this Conservative will parry your weak punches and deliver knockout blows. If it is a fight for America you seek, you came to the right place.....and shall find yourselves fleeing in utter desperation, same as the pathetic liberal Congressman against whom I run. I invite all of you into the arena where this intellectual Warrior awaits you on the field of combat for principles of governance and ideals.

My fellow South Floridians and Americans, the liberals have called me an extremist - Yes, I am extremely devoted to this Constitutional Republic and to protecting your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness. They have called me a radical - in 1776 I am quite sure George III and the British called our Founding Fathers the we call them Patriots. They have said I am a dangerous choice - absolutely, I am dangerous to President Barack Hussein Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her Mama's boy Ron Klein....and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, do not try to hide little Ronnie behind your skirt, your association with his defeat would not bode well for your desired future as Pelosi's heir

Folks, I just have to tell you, this is going to be fun because there are lots of liberals heading to the woodshed!

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC(R) Allen B. West

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