Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swift Boat Style Attacks Will Not Stand in FL's 22nd Congressional District

I have said it numerous times that anyone would have to be insane to go with obama supporter ron klein over Allen West. Allen West is the RIGHT Man for the job! Please support Allen West right HERE.
Please read below, an email for Allen West, a real hero.

Deerfield Beach, Florida - Over the past 48 hours, Republican Congressional candidate LTC(R) Allen West has received several advisories on his military email to "watch his six." Ron Klein and his cronies are trolling for former Soldiers under West's command willing to participate in attack ads against the 22-year Army Veteran.

Says West, "It is apparent that Ron Klein is planning a "Swift Boat" type assault against me at a critical juncture in this campaign. Considering Klein maliciously and intentionally released my Social Security number and my wife's employment identification number to tens of thousands of Florida voters, this is to be expected. We have seen this type of character assassination attack against Senators John Kerry and John McCain - both decorated war veterans. This type of tactic has no place in the arena of ideological debate and discourse - South Floridians deserve better."

"Klein is running one of the most dishonorable and characterless campaigns in America, and we believe he's about to stoop to an incredible new low," said Josh Grodin, West's Campaign Manager. He continued, "This so called 'man of the people' clearly disdains those he represents, and is willing to walk over anything or anyone that gets in his way, including a man who selflessly put his life on the line in the field of battle. The good people of Florida's 22nd Congressional District know a leader when they see one, and will not be deceived by politics as usual."

For more information or to schedule interviews with Allen West, please contact Valentina Weis at (561) 603-8188, or

Hat Tip to Chuck on The Right Side

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