Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our own Hamas & Hezbollah

Our world could be a lot safer and peaceful without Hezbollah, Hamas or a growing group in our country who consider themselves victimized by society, because they don't have everything they want. It is unfortunate their methods resort to suppress, sometimes with violence, the rights of others who don't accept their unfounded anger legitimate.

Many will work their tail off to get something for nothing, but when it comes to earning it, ambition and energy is nowhere to be found, except on the dole line. These agitators may not have a name like Hezbollah or Hamas, but motive, make-up and agenda is not that different.

Hiding under the umbrella of "Civil Rights" makes a mockery of those words. They are advocates for Political Correctness to handcuff free expression, so they can accuse and label anyone straying from their idea of what correct-ness is, racist and bigots. But in truth, they are the bigots and racists.

Most in this nameless group are illiterate or uneducated and like lemmings, follow a few con men who promise everything but deliver nothing while filling their coffers with loot and power. This combination is dangerous and detrimental to our harmony and security. Yet we allow them protection under the first amendment. The venom spewed by the con men and media commenting on the Faith and Honor rally on August 28th at the Lincoln Memorial is evidence.

Like medicine designed to save life, if abused it can prove deadly. The abuse of the first amendment and political correctness go hand in hand, and those who contest our constitution and American way, have become skilled and proficient using this for their advantage.

Written by George, A Real Conservative

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