Friday, March 11, 2011

Defund NPR and PBS, UNIONS and ACORN

Below we have a message from one of the few REAL Conservative Politicians. Senator Jim DeMint is the real deal and would be a gigantic improvement over our TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States). How refreshing it is to hear an American Politician who loves this Country. He does not go apologize for us or install programs that will weaken the Country. As the Liberal MSM continues to attack America we must defund every darn Liberal spending bill! This means we must defund obamacare, NPR, ACORN, PBS and the Purple Shirts (UNIONS).

Dear Fellow Conservative:

I wanted to let you know about an important piece of legislation that I'm pushing to defund public broadcasting.

When it comes to federal funding of public broadcasting, there are two issues at stake: we don't have the money, and they don't need it. We're going broke and they're raising millions from private donors.

If NPR and PBS want to continue their programming, they should go ahead and do it, but not with our tax dollars.

Paying millions of dollars so NPR can cover things like cowboy poetry festivals while the nation is $14 trillion in debt is reckless. Yet, funding public broadcasting and cowboy poetry festivals is a priority for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Senate's most powerful Democrat. He was on the floor yesterday saying it was "mean spirited" to cut funding for these items.

That's right. While conservatives are fighting to save the country from bankruptcy, Democrats are fighting to save cowboy poetry.

We must have the courage to cut spending.

Americans should not be forced to fund public broadcasting when there are already thousands of private choices for educational and entertainment programming on television, radio, and the Internet.

Please Click Here to Urge Your Senators to Defund Public Broadcasting

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which funds NPR and PBS, was originally incorporated as a private, non-profit corporation in 1967, and its first taxpayer subsidy was $5 million. Last year CPB got $420 million from taxpayers and President Obama recently asked for an increase to $451 million.

This is money that should be used to reduce our nation's debt. Instead it's being used to pick winners and losers in a highly competitive media environment. It's also being used to pay lavish salaries.

According to 2009 tax forms, PBS President Paula Kerger received $632,233 in compensation that year while NPR President Emeritus, Kevin Klose, received more than $1.2 million in compensation.

NPR boasts that it only gets 2 percent of its funding from taxpayers and PBS gets about 15 percent, so these programs should be able to find a way to stand on their own.

A new undercover video of outgoing NPR Foundation president, Ron Schiller, surfaced yesterday that has it on the ropes. Besides calling the members of the Tea Party Movement "uneducated" and "racist", he also admitted that NPR did not need taxpayer money.

Let's take his advice and pass legislation to defund this biased news organization that is clearly out of touch with the American people. Please contact your senators today and urge them to get government out of broadcasting.

Thank you for working so hard to help us take our country back.


Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

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