Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fans of Vitriolic Diatribes and Right Wing Rants

Mort Kuff has made the most of his opportunity on Chuck On The Right Side to add his urgent 'clang' to the warning bell that is being sounded all across the land. Yes, Mort Kuff is most sincerely appreciated. Below is an example of Mort's right wing rant.

Dear fans of vitriolic diatribes, rude rants and verbal violence -

Our freedoms, our Liberty and our very survival as a viable nation are under threat such as we've not known since the 'Cold War' with the USSR. Then, it was the threat of a nuclear exchange of brief duration but, with consequences that would have been unthinkable. Today, we are faced with a far more complex but no less deadly threat to our existence. The volatile forces of revolution; insurrections running rampant across the globe; and the toxic wave of radical Islamist ideology that is traumatizing the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the much of the civilized West - are running at flood tide. These anomalies must be arrested and reversed.

We are presented with a daunting task. Somehow, the sleeping giant that is the majority of the population of the United States of America, must be aroused from its slumber, disabused of its misguided love affair with the looney left; imbued with a realistic comprehension of the dangers we face; girded for action and led into the fray against the forces of evil that surround us. A mighty tall order but, these are the steps that must be taken. Not baby steps, for sure. But, bold steps that will test the mettle of this generation.

The time is now, to find out once more, who we are. The time is now, to demonstrate our will to stand and fight for the traditions that have made the USA the most special and most exceptional land of the free and home of the brave, ever seen on this Earth.

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