Friday, March 25, 2011

Drill Now or The Country Continues to Crumble

Rep Don Young Urges Producing American Energy & Opening ANWR

The Lowlife Liberals have lied for years about "Global Warming"! Obama was elected after spouting Global Warming Lies among many other lies! The disgusting Left Wingers have never given any proof that it is ANYTHING other than the Natural Cycle of the Earth in cooling & warming that has been going on for MILLIONS of years! The slimeball liberals just fudge the numbers and send out blowhards like Michael Moore and Liar Al Gore. The EPA is Full of Marxists who want to Destroy America.

Those that say Sarah Palin is stupid and he ones that will also pay $5 a gallon for gas and still support this Community Organizer. The Republicans have to stop being nice. Take it the Left Wing Nazi Democrats (politically)!

Political Correctness is going to Kill Us All!

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