Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wisconsin and the Middle East have been in the forefront of the news.
Although dissimilar there is a thread of similarity. When a group cannot
attain its aims, it turns to violence.

Oh, for the days when mobsters had a foot in union management. They were never a subversive threat to the sovereignty or American way of life. Technology has changed the world as we've known it, linking Tripoli, Cairo and Madison with, workers of the world unite. This has always been the theme of the left.

We cannot discount that a worldwide Bolshevik type revolution against capitalism
can't happen. Dominated by a rising sub culture as in the reign of terror after
the French revolution. There are a lot of angry have-not and give me more
people in the world, through ignorance or greed are easily manipulated by
despots and unscrupulous men of power in industry.

Because of their plight, they become victims and prey to a more dangerous
manipulator. Somebody claiming to have their best interest at heart. The
victim trades one despot for another, or one greedy CEO for a union boss.

To gain power and influence over them, they promise and give them more than
a country can afford, and the problems surface when the chickens come to
roost and violence begins against the people who supported their appetite.
For the protesters, it is cutting their nose to spite their face. By this action,
they will destroy the source that lifted them from squalor; biting the hand that
feeds them. In this case, the hand is the private sector and the public sector is
the bite.

It's been like the parent sacrificing so the child can have; but how much longer
can the parent lose weight while the child gets fatter?

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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