Monday, March 28, 2011

Jesse Visits Sears

I've just read some recent palaver about Jesse Jackson, the perennial publicity hound. The subject of the article isn't important and only matters to the extent that anyone really gives a poop about anything this character has to say.

It is my opinion that Jesse Jackson is a former Chicago street thug and a race hustling loud-mouth whose rhyming-rap patter was picked up and amplified by the media. He was a tag-a-long-go-for in Martin Luther King's entourage, who just happened to be close by when King was shot and thus, his image appeared in several photos taken in the time frame of that event.

Jackson created the myth that he somehow, played a far more important role as a freedom fighter than he actually did - and the media bought it. After that, it was off to the races (slight pun intended) and he embarked on his full-time career of intimidating large corporations into coughing up millions in hush-money to avoid being black-washed as 'racist'.

He ran unsuccessfully for the presidency and supposedly, that added to his 'street cred'. He became the go-to interview as he used his 'intimidation money' to fly around the country, performing his 'Outrage At Racial Victimization' act whenever and wherever it might garner any publicity to add to his creepy resume.

Jackson is a melanoma on the skin-color game called, 'racism'. The cure still awaits discovery.

Conservative Commentary by by MORT KUFF © 2011

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