Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fraternity House

President Obama is hitting the college circuit and making the late night comedy shows in order to reach the young voters, whose immaturity is ripe for the picking, from the influences of radical professors and outrageous entertainers; their source of political information.

If you don't appear to be cool, you will never reach them, so our president, in desperation, is taking that route to detract from his failures. A pitcher who should have been taken out in the first inning.

Although the lyric of an old song has nothing to do with my following dissertation, its title does, " I Know What It Is to Young, But You Don't Know What It Is To Be Old!" Young people don't know or will ever admit they are immature. The period of going through experimentation and vulnerability from radical sources. Especially in higher education from teachers an professors left- over from the Woodstock era.

It's cool to rebel against the system. It's part of growing pains; but if you don't grow out of it, too many end up wrapping them- selves, with a car load of friends, around a tree, or in rehab, or a hospital or the morgue. They are the ones President Obama hopes to dazzle with his charm being Mr. Cool while he hippity-hops on to the podium and hippity-hops down the stairs when deplaning Air Force One, looking like a light weight pug, hippity-hopping down the arena aisle to the ring.

Mr. Cool won't lower their tuition, nor keep their gas tanks full, or find them a decent job after graduation, or make it possible to leave the nest and afford to be on their own.

Will it be only a matter of time before you see him wearing a Che Rivera tee shirt?

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower didn't leave their mark on the nation by being cool, although Ronald Reagan did by being a different kind of cool. Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong Il, Wen Jiabao, Vladimir Putin and the U.N. don't give a rat's ass whether the president is cool or not when they are screwing us!

I have a message for the young who are holding our future. If you want to do something really cool, ice his chance for another four years on November 6th and help write his political obituary. It will put an end to the perpetual vacation he's been on and the access to the taxpayers' ATM.

The White House is not a sorority or fraternity house!

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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