Friday, May 18, 2012

Race Hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

We have another Letter to The Editor, from Chuck On The Right Side below for the Sun Sentinel. The Sun Sentinel Newspaper is mostly made up of Obama kool-aide drinking, Birkenstock wearing, Liberal, wanna-be writers helping to destroy the USA from within. There might be two to three Writers with some common sense at the Sun Sentinel rag.

Also Stop Marxism has first hand knowledge of Liberals who read and comment in the Sun Sentinel rag. Many of these Liberal Readers are racist and press violently to push their agenda. One "so-called Lady" in particular has sent numerous emails laced with racist and vicious remarks. It appears that those Liberals who are preaching about tolerance are just a bunch of Thugs and Bullies. Sounds a lot like a certain Marxist Regime Leader, commonly known as Barry Soetoro.

Dear Editor:

How come the latest revelations about the Trayvon Matin/George Zimmerman case didn't make the front page of the Sun-Sentinel?

It was revealed that the doctor who examined Zimmerman, the day following the tragic incident, found cuts on his scalp, a fractured nose, contusions around his eyes, and a strained back. In addition, the medical examiner found on the body of Trayvon Martin, scraped knuckles indicating that a fight most likely occurred. We also have since found out that, instead of Zimmerman being a "white" guy, his mother was Hispanic (Peruvian) and that his mother's grandfather was black. This case sounds like "deja vu" of the Duke Lacrosse case all over again.

So, that rush to judgment by the media and the "race hustlers", Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Special Prosecutor, seems to have been a hyped up show to agitate the black community, again, as being the victims of white injustice against blacks. Hopefully, when all the facts come out, and if Zimmerman is found to be not guilty of a crime, cooler heads in the black community will prevail and the racial hatred, stirred up by the "racial arsonists", and Rep. Fredrica Wilson (D-Miami), will not be the cause of riots or racial unrest. Now, that would be a tragedy if that should occur.


Chuck On The Right Side

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