Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tea Party Army is in Wisconsin

Dear Patriot,

The Tea Party Army is on the ground in Wisconsin and working hard.

However, we have only five days left before the June 5th recall elections and there is so much to do.

Will you please make a generous contribution of any amount to help Tea Party Army voter education campaign in Wisconsin?

Tea Party Patriots has been blessed by so many good friends during this campaign. But we are still a bit short of our fundraising goal and time really is running out.

Please, will you help us stand up the recall-crazed left-wing by making the most generous last-minute contribution you can possibly afford?

I mean it when I say that this is the most important grass roots program in Tea Party Patriots’ history.

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz just declared that this recall battle “dry run” for the November election.

If the left’s campaign of lies, smears, threats, and intimidation of chaos succeed next week in Wisconsin, they will use these tactics all across America in the fall to steal elections from Patriots just like Scott Walker who stand up for less government and reform.

That’s why the Tea Party Patriots volunteer army is working so hard to educate and inform Wisconsin voters right now.

Please make the most generous contribution you possibly can right away and help these patriots to keep going over these last five days.

Remember, Tea Party Patriots is a nonprofit organization that helps local tea party groups get organized.

We don’t have the resources of the giant Washington based organizations on the left. We don’t have a war chest of hundreds of millions of dollars.

We are relying on ordinary taxpayers to put their lives on hold and travel to Wisconsin in order to go door to door to door.

And we are relying on good friends like you to help pay all their bills.

Please CLICK HERE to donate what you can.

The recall elections are just five days away and we must raise the rest of the money we need for this voter education effort

Thank you in advance for standing with the Tea Party movement. You are true friend and patriot!

For Liberty,

Help Reclaim America!

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