Monday, May 28, 2012

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Barry, the ‘Foreign Student’

There is a photo I.D. card making the rounds of the internet, that bears this President’s name – that is, the name he used during his ‘Foreign Student’ days at Columbia U.

While it appears to be legit, I won’t make a judgment as to its validity. I’m not an expert in Columbia University I.D. cards. However, like everything else pertaining to the background of this current president – it is highly suspect and bears close scrutiny.

The fact is that there are so many blanks, unknowns or questionable points in the history of Barry Soetoro/BarackHusseinObama, that I believe he would be prevented from obtaining even the most basic security clearance necessary to becoming a member of the United States Armed Forces. He might qualify as a pat-down artist wearing the uniform of the TSA or as a member of a security team at a Muslim mosque but, that’s it.

His circle of friends, cohorts, pals, running mates, co-workers and political contacts, as far back as anyone has been able to trace prior to his election and even now that he is President, point to the conclusion that practically all his close associates and advisors - have been and are – Communists and radical leftists of one stripe or another. It is an undeniable fact that an overwhelming number of them are known to have Muslim- Islamist-Arab lineage, Marxist ideology, education, viewpoints and commitments. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

How did it happen that someone with such a Swiss cheese background was elected to the Presidency without being vetted even minimally, as would be routine for any applicant seeking a job as a school janitor? Have we not seen and felt the consequences of impulsive actions resulting from the obsessive lunacy that pervades this nation regarding skin color? And weirdly, blindly, stupidly – aren’t we on the verge of repeating this catastrophic error?

Is questioning the background and qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama as the 2012 Presidential election approaches, ‘racist’ ? Is calling attention to his abysmal record of mismanagement and his clandestine manner of conducting the nation’s business, somehow unpatriotic? Is opposing his jamming through the Congress, bills that no one had time to read before being pressured to vote on them, being ‘unfair’ to this President?

Is opposing legislation that this President has pre-loaded with taxation time-bombs and unprecedented tools with which to control every aspect of our lives and society, being unfair to this super-sensitive Narcissist-in-Chief? Is questioning his overt flaunting of our beloved Constitution, out of bounds? Is discussing what another four years of inept stewardship and deliberate mismanagement of our nation would be like under the aegis of this ‘Foreign Student’, not a legitimate topic for discussion?

As a native-born citizen of these United States and as a veteran who served in our military, do I still have the right to pose these questions? Do you?


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