Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Outright Deception of ObamaCare

Another day, another mandate!!!!!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has just announced that any and all FDA approved “contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for women with reproductive capacity,” will be provided under ObamaCare “without cost” in college/student-based health plans, and for women of college age but not attending school.

But, of course, SOMEBODY will be paying for all those “sterilization procedures” and abortion inducing drugs for college aged women – enrollees in ObamaCare, whether it offends their consciences or not! This HHS announcement comes on the heels of a similarly disturbing revelation that a minimum of one dollar a month from every ObamaCare participant will help pay for someone’s abortion. If you find the sudden emergence of these “mandates” appalling, then please join me in committing to pray that ObamaCare will be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court!

”Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare,” needs to be a cry resounding throughout our land! Click here to add your name to Liberty Counsel’s “Book of Remembrance” as your commitment to pray for exactly that:

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Now, please read this very important update below.


Just when Americans desperately want to believe that we’ve heard the end of ObamaCare’s immoral and unconstitutional mandates, Barak Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have launched yet another assault against pro-life Americans and unborn children– and our First Amendment freedom of conscience!

These mandates are only the beginning of what is coming under ObamaCare.

Now, it’s all in the “HHS rules.”

Liberty Counsel warned that ObamaCare authorizes unaccountable bureaucrats, like Sebelius, to create rules for its implementation and thereby bypass the legislature.

From the beginning, we argued that ObamaCare was the largest abortion funding in history, and we pointed out that ObamaCare would mandate for the first time in history direct funding of abortion by the $1 abortion fee (in addition, of course, to many other abortion mandates). Now, what we argued when we filed suit in 2010 has come to light.

Not only do the HHS rules require health insurance providers to provide abortion-inducing drugs like Ella and Plan B free of charge, as you’ve heard in the news, but the provision setting a premium to cover abortion is also in the HHS rules that implement ObamaCare.

The life-ending mandates contained in ObamaCare (especially for the pre-born – and in the “death panels” that determine who will live and who will die) have become so reprehensible in their implementation that as I write this message, I feel I must pause and pray, “God, forgive our nation! And, please, Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!”

The “Book of Remembrance” is a permanent record containing the names of multiplied tens of thousands of deeply concerned Christians who are faithfully crying, “Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!” throughout the period of time leading up to the expected announcement of the Court’s holdings in June.

Liberty Counsel’s “Book of Remembrance” is a way for you to play a direct role in STOPPING ObamaCare now and for all time!

In just the short time we’ve called on God-fearing Americans to join us in focused prayer to end this scourge, over 25,000 of your fellow patriots have made that commitment.

Think of it this way: We are taking our petitions to the Highest Court in all creation – to the Most High Supreme Judge – to our eternal Advocate, Who is seated on the Throne of Heaven!

How can Believers NOT commit to pray? This is a national nightmare that MUST come to an end! Click here to add your name to the roll of those who are committing to pray over the next several weeks:

The outright deception of ObamaCare.

ObamaCare has now been exposed as being an engine of death for pre-born Americans. And it is destroying our precious freedom of conscience by FORCING participants to pay premiums for various methods of destroying viable human life!

ObamaCare was only passed through sheer deceit and overbearing manipulation of our legislative system almost 2 years ago to the day.

++The ObamaCare showdown begins in just six more days!

Next Monday, the United States Supreme Court will hear three days of oral argument on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Law” (ObamaCare) cases. Their deliberations will include many of the key components of Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit against ObamaCare.

We must fervently pray to be delivered from the murderous, unaffordable, deceitful snares of ObamaCare!

I am once again calling on you to add YOUR name to the “Book of Remembrance” and to show your commitment to pray, “Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!”

When you sign our “Book of Remembrance,” we will send you a free bumper sticker that declares, “Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!” Click here to see this full-sized, high-quality vinyl product and to sign the book:

This legal battle against the government takeover of the American healthcare system is arguably the most historic litigation ever fought in the United States federal judiciary! It is truly worthy of every American Christian’s best prayer effort.

Thank you in advance for your prayer support and continuing partnership with Liberty Counsel. May God richly bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman

Liberty Counsel

P.S. Under ObamaCare mandates, everyone will be forced to pay for killing the unborn. We must pray against this immoral and unconstitutional law! The “Book of Remembrance” is simply your commitment to pray, “Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!” from March to June. Please pray for the Supreme Court Justices, their deliberations, and their decisions.

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