Sunday, August 5, 2012

6-Year-Old Bashing NObama - 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Barry

Isaac Anthony counts down the 10 reasons why he thinks you should not vote for Barack Hussein Obama in a YouTube video.

His list of reasons includes the fact that, in his opinion, Obama is "taking money from people who work hard" and "keeping people on welfare and food stamps."

True- Obama and His Marxist Regime want to keep the poor on the plantation.

After Anthony delivers reason No. 4, "He wants to take guns away from good guys," he shoots his mock pistol at the camera.

Great as every day the Progressives are trying to tale the guns from legal owners. Yet they do little to keep guns from Criminals. Can any Liberals spell C H I C A G O ? In fact the Marxist Regime with Holder gave guns to criminals. But we can’t say anything or that would mean we are Racist!

Some Obama DRONES are blaming the boy's parents, saying that it's an example of indoctrination. Why not look at the Kid as being a fast learner on why we need to Shop Marxism and Barry Soetoro!

Master Isaac is smarter than half of Americans.

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