Saturday, August 4, 2012

MORT’s Militant Meanderings

The Popularity of Anti-Patriotism

Do you wonder as I do, at the truly disgusting phenomenon of the growing popularity of displays of unpatriotic behavior that we are seeing all across the nation? It begins with the very anti-military, anti-American President currently residing in the White House and it spreads to the incredibly irresponsible, biased mass-media and even, to an apparent majority of feckless teachers and professors in the wacky, tacky world of academia.

For those of us who donned the uniform and did our turn at serving in the United States military, it seems incredible that such disrespect for all that represents the proud traditions of our 236 year heritage as the world’s beacon of liberty, could be so prevalent, today. Given the universal availability of round-the-clock communications, we ought to be basking in a renaissance of enlightenment. However, quite the opposite seems to be the case. We seem to have retrogressed to a time of ideological division that becomes more sharply defined and more patently partisan with each new dawn.

As I see it, what is missing is precisely the kind of unifying indoctrination (not always a bad word) that we received upon entering the service, in basic training or boot camp. The military knows exactly how to homogenize (not always a bad word) the many disparate demographics into a focused group of men and women who are all on the same page. Further, they are solely focused on the singular task of protecting the USA and all legitimate citizens who reside within its borders.

Do you think this could possibly have something to do with the fact that this President and an overwhelming percentage of the people in his administration have never served in our military? And here we are today, just a few short months away from the 2012 Presidential election, with none of the announced candidates running for office in the Executive Branch ever having served in uniform. Does that matter? Yes, it does.

I do believe that it ought to be an iron-bound pre-requisite for all candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to have served at a minimum, one complete hitch in one of our branches of the Armed Forces. And of course, they must have received an honorable discharge from that service. How else can we expect our nation’s leader to be fully cognizant of the serious consequences of the decisions a President must make as the Commander-in-Chief? How else can the President be possessed of the commitment to the concept of preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States and our citizenry?

It is sadly true and I find it most disturbing, that oaths of allegiance sworn by members of the Obama Administration and far too many Members of Congress, are viewed as merely a minor part of their installation ceremony, to be uttered and then, forgotten.

It will be a hard slog to propose the idea that military service be added to the basic criteria for candidacy for the highest offices in the land. To get it passed in both houses of the Congress and signed into legislation by the President is of course, impossible until the Oval Office is occupied by a genuinely patriotic American.

What could possibly be a valid argument in opposition to this idea? That is, other than the nonsense uttered by those who refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag; or sing aloud the words of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, or refuse to display a flag pin in their lapels; or refuse to profess their allegiance to this nation in any manner, for fear of offending some group that has stated unequivocally, their dedication to the destruction of our system of government, our free-enterprise system, our Constitution and our way of life? Heaven forefend that we might offend any of our sworn enemies.

Or, have we actually become the ‘nation of cowards’ that Attorney General Eric Holder once categorized us as being? I would be shocked to see proof that this un-American, racist, lying, hate-filled, despicable traitor spoke the truth, for once.

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