Monday, August 6, 2012

MORT’s Mercurial Meanderings

Foreign Affairs Experts: Not so much

While no one has sought my opinion regarding how to deal with Iran and its diabolical ambitions regarding its nuclear capability and its announced intention to destroy the State of Israel, that is precisely why I tender my thoughts herewith, for all the world to evaluate. (*ahem*)

The situation with Iran and its lunatic leadership approaches closer to critical mass with each tick of the clock. Unless this trend is stopped dead in its tracks and all elements of the program plus that country’s leadership, are neutralized (crushed, killed, destroyed) within a few weeks or maybe a couple months from now, Iran will do the unthinkable. It will unleash the forces of nuclear weaponry that have been successfully suppressed since the last use over Nagasaki in 1945 but, have been continuously enhanced to the point where they are today. And let’s face it, insofar as knowing the extent of that development – we really don’t want to know.

If and when such a horrific event should occur, it would set off a series of catastrophic conflagrations such as this Earth has never before witnessed. The impact on the world economy would be by comparison, a minor inconvenience.

Quite obviously, my directly-related knowledge of the ins & outs of international intrigue much less, my having a clue as to the nature of the murky mire in which diplomats slide around, is slightly less than nil. But as I view it, this qualifies me to pontificate at least on a par with many of the so-called, ‘Foreign Affairs experts’. I refer specifically to the mutterings & utterings over recent decades by such as Spig Brzezinski, a former U.S. Security Advisor and Michael Hayden, a former Air Force General and then, Director of the CIA. Both these seasoned and wizened experts have issued warning after warning based upon their years in the field of foreign affairs, about the dire consequences of confronting Iran, for fear of exacerbating that country’s ire.

Unquestionably, the skill required to deal with the lunacy of those in charge of Iran, is tantamount to juggling chain saws while they are running, along with lighted sticks of dynamite. But, that is the reality of the situation. And so, I feel that warnings and carping from the sidelines by former professional slippers & sliders (diplomats), that are not accompanied by proposals containing suggestions for clearly-defined, viable solutions, do nothing but add to the murkiness.

I would far rather harken to the assessments and considered advice from the likes of Rep. Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and John Bolton, the esteemed former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. These are men who have a firm grasp on all the piece-parts and the players in the complex game of international chess. It is a highly dangerous game that is always in a fluxion state. These are also, men who as a consequence of their prowess at processing intelligence, have the ability and sense of timing to know how and when to cut to the chase. It is men such as these who are uniquely qualified to proffer advice to those in positions of power – those who are charged to make the final decisions.

And it follows that if those folks in positions of power are also possessed of integrity, they’ll by-pass all the political considerations that are the stock in trade of career politicians such as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton – and heed the considered assessments and advice from these true experts in the field of foreign affairs.

Along with the acute need to replace Obama with a qualified person to occupy the Oval Office in the White House, an intelligent, experienced hand is needed at the helm of the State Department. Without reservation, I nominate John Bolton for the job.


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