Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allen West on Immigration and His TV AD

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The new TV ad "Opportunity" focuses on protecting the equality of opportunity that is the birthright of every American, and ensuring a good education for every child. Having grown up in Atlanta’s inner city, I know education is truly the great equalizer.

Unfortunately, the American Dream is under assault by a President who places equality of outcomes before our individual economic freedom. The future of economic freedom in the United States truly hinges on the outcome of November 6.

Allen West on Immigration

Illegal immigration affects every aspect of our society. It impacts our unemployment and crime rates, burdens our educational and health care systems, and weakens national security.

Legal immigrants, who sought to assimilate into the American culture, helped build this country into the great nation it is today, but no nation, no matter how great, can survive with porous borders and uncontrolled immigration. As our enemies become emboldened to plan and commit acts of terrorism within our country, we must be able to identify not only who and how many are crossing our borders, but also how long they are staying.

I believe immigration policy should exist first and foremost to protect American citizens rather than accommodate foreigners and their families. We must have an immigration policy that addresses the realities we currently face, including those who are already here and those who wish to come. But our priority must be controlling our borders before any immigration policy can be seriously

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