Monday, August 13, 2012

Make Nancy Pelosi Mad and Vote For Allen West

Dear Patriot,

Nancy Pelosi visited South Florida last week and declared that defeating Allen West would be "sweet" for the country. Let us give Pelosi the nightmare she deserves and Elect ALLEN WEST!

Congresswoman Pelosi and her liberal friends would like nothing more than to stop a strong conservative such as Allen West, He has the courage to speak out against their failed policies and fight for the conservative, Constitutional principles that have made our country great. That's why the Democrats have made Allen West their number one target, George Soros has committed millions to attack Allen West, an American Hero. Also the vile left-wing groups will stop at nothing to make sure Allen West is not in Congress next year.

The primary election is in less than a day and we want to help raise money online for Allen West. We can count on you to join us in fighting back so that Allen West can continue to fight for our principles in Washington.

Donate to Allen West here:

Our national debt is over $15 trillion and Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are committed to more of the same failed policies that run counter to everything that makes America great. The stakes are higher than ever and I know none of us have the intention of continuing down a path of dependency and decline.

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