Thursday, August 9, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Destroys MSNBC Left Wing Hack

Andrew Breitbart Destroys MSNBC's Failed, 3rd-Rate Liberal Dirtbag Martin Bashir

MSNBC trying (and failing) to do what it does every day: smear conservatives and anyone who dares point out liberal media bias, the failure of Democrat policies and the incompetence and far left liberal, big-spending, debt-creating ways of Barack Obama. MSNBC is not a news channel. MSNBC is just a mouthpiece for the Democrat party and left-wing groups. No wonder MSNBC has such low viewership compared to other channels.

We really miss Andrew Breitbart. The hacks like this little puke, Martin Bashir are just Anti-American Marxists. Does this guy, Martin Bashir really take himself seriously? He is just a little Obama drone with a Fake Accent.

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