Saturday, March 2, 2013

AMERICANS: Wake up; Wise up.

Far too many of my fellow Americans remain complacent in their presumption that our way of life will go on as always and be as secure and peaceful as we’ve known it in the past.  Not so.

Unfortunately, that feeling of security is no longer valid.  We can no longer count on being ‘safe’ within our own borders – at least at the same level of comfort we’ve enjoyed since defeating the evil forces of Nazism and Fascism in 1945, at the end of World War II. 

Today in our beloved ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’, we are in very real danger of actually losing our Liberty.  Our most sacred freedoms are being threatened by a centuries-old evil but, one that is enjoying a re-birth of success around the world. It has gained a foothold in America as a result of complacency and a lack of attention to the guardianship of our hard-won Liberty.  Many of us have been totally unaware of what is happening around us.  Many others have been aware that something is going on but, have simply been unwilling to bother with educating themselves to the dire and imminent dangers we face.

So, here goes. I am about to make you just a wee bit uncomfortable. There is no other way to put it –

We are permitting ourselves to be eaten alive by cleverly deceptive, deranged, carnivorous, blood-thirsty fanatical lunatics –
that would be ISLAM.

The first thing you must do is to disabuse yourself of the idea that what we are dealing with is a religion, like Christianity or Judaism.  IT IS NOT.

That idea is a tough one to wrap your head around.  We are inclined to think the best of people.  We’ve been deluded into the presumption that the Muslim families we see wearing their ‘strange’ costumes while shopping at Costco, K-Mart or just strolling along the street and minding their own business  -  are simply peaceful believers in a ‘different’ religion.  While on the surface that appears to be true, there is a deeper and far more sinister aspect to the belief system of those who are followers of Islam – therein lies the danger in presuming that this is ‘just another religion’.     

These ‘apparently peaceful’ Muslims are born into the way of life that is called, ISLAM.  Islam includes among other mandatory disciplines, a ‘religion’ that is based upon the teachings of its founder Mohammed, and those doctrines set forth in the Quran.  Principle among the tenets of Islam, is the eventual establishment of a Caliphate –meaning that this way of life will be imposed upon all the peoples of the entire world and maintained by a strict adherence to Islamic law known as ‘the Shariah’.  This seemingly impossible feat is to be accomplished by an ongoing process of conquest called, ‘Jihad’.  Accordingly, Jihad is found in Quranic verse 2:216 that says to its followers – “Prescribed for you is fighting, though it be hateful to you.”  This is the means by which, “Islam is under obligation to gain power over other nations.”

Are you beginning to get the idea that our docile Muslim neighbors who subscribe to ‘The religion of Peace’ might not actually be in total control of their own destiny? It is just a matter of time until the efforts of generations of ‘Jihadists’ will have brought about a sufficient degree of  submission and universal accommodation to Islam, that they feel the time has arrived for them to exert total control over all the peoples of the Earth.  Time to establish their Caliphate.  They are satisfied that it can take a few hundred years but they remain confident that eventually, they are destined to achieve the dominance they seek.  Right now, today – they have advanced closer to this diabolical objective than at any time since they started on this path centuries ago.  Today, the most visible Jihadists leading the effort are organized under the innocuous-sounding name – the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’.  There are dozens and dozens of Islamist terror groups operating world-wide, using a series of names and titles to intentionally obfuscate and confuse.  However, the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is the group that presents our immediate threat here in the United States.

Are you beginning to understand what we have facing us – what we are up against?  

It is not my intent to try to provide a full explanation here, of the many horrific ramifications of Islam.  However, I refer you to a book available in paperback, that explains it all in understandable terms. It is written in plain English, co-authored by a team of no less than 19 super-knowledgeable experts on the subject.  It is called, “Shariah, the threat to America” and can be purchased by contacting one of the co-authors, Tom Trento.  Phone: 561-319-5533 or e-mail: Tom@TheUnited  I believe this to be the most comprehensive book available on the subject of Islam Shariah.

For the very latest, up-to the-minute information about the running battle to expose & oppose this scourge, tune-in to watch TRENTOVISION.TV on the internet, 3:00-6:00PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday..  It can also be seen on:  And, can be heard on your radio dial at WNN  AM1470 and also on, I-Heart radio.     

How you choose to educate yourself among the several ways suggested, is up to you.  The main thing is for you to become aware of the imminent dangers we are facing in America.  Then of course, it is incumbent upon each American while we still have the freedom to oppose this scourge, to become involved in the on-going battle to preserve our Liberty.  I believe this is the most important job we have before us, as citizens of this last, best hope of the Western World.  

If we are going to save ourselves and our children from the horrors of Islam, it is up to us – YOU and ME – to take up the arms of intelligence and fight for our freedom as if it were a matter of life & death - because – it is nothing less.   

MORT KUFF  © 3-1-2013

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