Sunday, March 24, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

Coincidence?    I dun think so.

BRIBERY &  INTIMIDATION are the tactics-of-choice favored by both the agents of Islam Shariah and  President Barack Hussein Obama.  Coincidence?  I dun think so.

BRIBERY:  Money, property, favors (i.e.,sex or political advancement) offered or given to someone in a position of trust to corrupt or induce him or her to act dishonestly; to influence or persuade.

INTIMIDATION: To frighten, to make fearful; to cower or to make timid in order to exact a demand for accommodation and compliance.

Sound familiar?  This is the M.O. (Modus Operandi) of this President, his Czars, his appointees and his enablers.  Barack Obama uses these Chicago street thug tactics openly and frequently.

It is also, precisely the M.O. used by agents of the vicious Muslim Brotherhood and its many spin-off groups (all with benign-sounding names, of course)  that have insinuated themselves into so many venues in our society.  The Muslim Brotherhood is now bribing and intimidating with hardly any opposition in such places as:   college and university campuses, municipal governments, city and county commissions, school boards, Mayors, community service organizations and commercial enterprises of every description.  

Influential individuals in each of these venues are targeted for bribery - - if that doesn’t work, then serious intimidation becomes the tactic of choice.  

Intimidation takes  whatever form is deemed will be most effective.  They don’t hesitate to threaten their targets with physical violence.  Often, they will threaten physical harm and worse, to the family and loved ones of their targets. Even people with personal courage will waver when their children and families are threatened.  Threats of maiming, dismembering, disfigurement and murder are the every day tactic favored by the Muslim Brotherhood, individual Imams and other agents of terrorism.

Vandalism committed on the property of the targeted person is common – and it works.  Residences, business establishments, autos, RVs, boats – anything that can be slashed, burned, blown up or destroyed is fair game to these miscreants.  They will do whatever it takes to intimidate the targeted person into submission and induce him to comply against his will, with the demands made upon him..   

A Coincidence that both Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood employ these tactics?  
I dun think so.

MORT KUFF  © 3-13-2013

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