Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sgt. Schultz

First there was "Operation Fast and Furious," when the ATF, Justice department and
other agencies who might have had a hand in it, was responsible for the murders of
border patrol agent Brian Terry and U.S. immigration agent Jaimi Zapata, because of
a gun smuggling operation gone sour.

Then there was the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi that killed Ambassador
Christopher Stevens, security personnel Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and former navy
seal Glen Doherty, victims of the administration ignoring their call for more security and
help. As the attack was going down, President Obama devoted a fifteen minute conversa-
tion with defense secretary Leon Panetta before heading off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser,
with no follow up.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was AWOL and nobody knew where she was. Nobody
seems to know who sent out U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to all the Sunday morning talk
shows, to blame Mark Basseley Youssef's amateur film, "Innocence of Muslims" for a mob
attack on the consulate.

At a congressional hearing to get answers for this screw-up, Hillary's remark about the four
dead Americans was, "What difference does it make at this point?" In other words, we're
shutting the barn now, why keep beating a dead horse?

The Obama administration's latest screw up, to put fear in the public, is what the consequences
of sequestration will have on the budget by having the Department of Homeland Security release
thousands of criminal illegals under federal custody. Both the White House and DHS head Janet
Napolitano deny they gave the order or knew about the release.. It certainly wasn't the governor
of Arizona, Janice Brewer.

Who is responsible for all this irresponsibility? There seems to be a lot of Sergeant Schultz
staffers in Obama's key positions, "I KNOW NOTHING, I HEAR OR SEE NOTHING!"

Does anyone in this administration know anything?

Without trying to sound redundant, the Obama government has to be the most disingenuous and
dishonest one in our life time, that we are destine endure for the next four years, and its re-
percussion far into the future.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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