Friday, March 8, 2013

Obama Says He is Not A Dictator?

2013 - March 2nd – President Barack Hussein Obama said yesterday: “I am not a dictator.” Well I guess Hussein Obama just plays one on TV. The Poor guy, says his hands are tied with this sequester thing. The Fear-Mongerer-in-Chief then asked a reporter: “Give me an example of what I might do?”

Okay Mr. President, for starters you could take proper ownership of this mess. Can Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro still spell A C O R N?

And since you asked, you might also:

Respect the United States Constitution,
read the Federalist Papers,
repeal Obamacare which only passed when you offered bribes to the Democrat Senators from Louisiana and Nebraska,
arrest the 2,000 illegals you just released,
fire Racist Eric Holder,
tell the truth about Benghazi,
tell your idiot Vice President to shut up about shotguns (and everything else),
Insist the Democrat Senate produce a budget,
release your college transcripts,
take your family vacations in union-loving Detroit.
In addition you could: Be a man and make the difficult choices to stop these $trillion+ deficits, start cutting spending,
stop threatening reporters,
start taking tough questions,
stop campaigning, and start leading,
stop dividing, start uniting,
stop spinning, start solving,
stop blaming, start inspiring,
and finally… stop acting like a spoiled, anti-American brat and start acting like an adult!

Hat tip to Chuck On The Right Side

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