Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Islam Has Declared War On America

WAR for Dummies

War has been declared upon our nation by Islam.    Everyone in the world has heard, understood and accepted this declaration, except the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama and his administration.

When war is declared upon our nation by groups of terrorists working in concert under the banner of Islam, we must respond by declaring and waging an all-out war on Islam.  Once open warfare has been declared, there is no negotiating possible.  There is only the firm resolve to engage, defeat and destroy the enemy.  The enemy is Islam.  Get that straight.

When in a war for survival, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY ! 

It is painfully obvious that this President, a Muslim by birth and a follower of Islam by choice – his protestations of accepting Christianity being a blatant deception for the sole purpose of political expedience - has no intention of mounting any sort of effective response to this attack.  

His idea of leadership is ‘leading from behind’.  In all the history of warfare, no one has ever uttered a stupid concept to equal this one.  Victory to him, means something altogether apart from the accepted definition of that word. 

According to traditional dictionary definitions, Victory means:    

1. Final and complete defeat of the enemy in a military engagement.
2  Any successful struggle against an opponent or obstacle.
3. The state of having triumphed.

There are no degrees of victory, other than 100% complete. Victory is only complete when the enemy has been destroyed or admits total defeat and acknowledges the victor.

Does anyone think for a moment that Obama will take up arms against Islam, even to protect and defend our nation and its citizens?  Where does that leave us, Folks?

MORT KUFF   © 3-12-2013

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