Monday, March 18, 2013

Rand Paul Gives a Smackdown to Liberal Obama Drone, Kathleen Hogan

This is a real SMACKDOWN!

Rand Paul does not pull his punches talking to this vile Obama drone. Rand Paul Slaps Down Liberal Energy Secretary On ‘Freedom of Choice’. Rand Paul leaves the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, obama drone Kathleen Hogan, speechless.

Deputy Assistant Secretary For Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan of the Senate of the Energy & Resources Committee has her liberal hypocrisy exposed on what ‘Freedom of Choice’ really means.

Why do we have this lowlife Community Organizer who pushes racism and Marxism when Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are around? These despicable Obama Voters have screwed America so they can either feel good about voting for a Racist or because they want all the handouts. Disgusting!

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