Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marco Rubio Verbally Beats Down Democrats

Sen. Rubio: "Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down"

Many People are asking if we can clone this Guy, Senator Marco Rubio. Finally we get someone with common sense, to ask Where Heck is That Damn Budget!!! Two and one half years and Barry Hussein does not produce a Budget. Why is this guy in Office??? Listen to this Lurch Phony, John Kerry try and step up to the plate. He is a sack of garbage who trashes our Veterans and then says WE need to pay more taxes. All the while the solution for sicko Kerry is dodging any taxes that he can.

The Democrats and anyone (Semi Colon Powell) who supported this Guy should be taxed to no end! These Obama supporters have to know by now the damage being done and they are to blame.

Hat Tip to Neil


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