Thursday, October 27, 2011

Worm Brains in Washington

Government does not earn money; Government takes money.
Government creates jobs; jobs in the public sector. Government
hires employees for these jobs with no money to pay them,
because the Government does not create income so they have to
borrow money to pay them. In order to repay the loan they take
money from those who create income and if it isn't enough, they
print more money.

If public services are needed and requested by the private sector,
the money is provided by them with no arm twisting. Public service
unions have over blown compensation where it is now not capable
for the earners to continue to support them.

Printing new money without backing reduces its value. Obama's
worm brains
advising him on economics, are creating a double
whammy malady where the price of goods costs more and the
money you have to buy it with is worth less; soon to become
one word, "worthless!"

The above statement I offer is made without benefit of an MBA,
or degree in economics from an ivy league institute. It comes from
the school of common sense.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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