Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saul Alinsky's Useful Idiots Protest Against Capitalism

Today we Chuck On The Right Side responding to that Bad Penney, the Main Stream Media. Yes the MSM has become the Media Supporting Marxists. It is horrifying that the MSM has such Power and they prop up the Lowlifes at the Occupy Wall Street Toilets Riots. Once again, let us say No Tyrants in the White House ever again! How could so many people fall for the lies of the Media Supporting?

Dear Professor Robert Watson:

C'mon Professor Watson, are you serious in stating that the Tea Partiers took to the streets protesting Pres. Obama's effort to provide children with health care? I've attended a few Tea Party rallies and never once did I see or hear anyone specifically say or use that canard that you alluded to. They protested ObamaCare in general and not specific items within the bill (because they didn't know what was in the bill including Obama, Pelosi, and Reid). You are so blatantly partisan and disingenuous that you sully the profession of being an "educator".

How come no mention of the people behind the scenes of the "Occupy" protest that are fanning the flames of protest against Capitalism? You know, history Professor Watson, that this "spontaneous" protest is funded by by George Soros and his financed group, MoveOn.Org, and the left-wing unions S.E.I.U., CWA, and the UFT and the NEA. In addition, radical professional protesters and left-wing rabble-rousers such as Bev Rice, of the War Resisters League; Code Pink; Van Jones, former Obama "Green Czar" and admitted Communist; the National Socialist Party (Nazi sympathizers); the Communist Party U.S.A.; Frances Fox Piven, Marxist sociologist and Saul Alinsky acolyte; and other "useful idiots" like Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, Russell Simmons, Rap music mogul;, and Pres. Obama himself with assent from Nancy Pelosi. Also, what's with the anti-Israel undertone with some of the protesters?

How long before we see these "peace activist" protesters starting to becoming violent? I guess only naive history professors can see this as a necessary political movement that is "grassroots" in nature, and not radically backed up by far-left anti-Capitalist loons who want to see the Marxist/Socialist principle of "redistribution of wealth" taking its place.


Chuck On The Right Side
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