Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why do the Left Wingers Hate Babies

Dear Rachel Patron:

Wrong again Rachel. That's quite a stretch to equate the fictitious figure of 15 million starving children with abortion. What has one got to do with another except as just a figment of your imagination?

Why is it that so many women past the child-bearing years, like yourself, are the most staunch supporters of abortion, like that is the most important issue in our lives? Most polls show that abortion availability is way down the list of important issues facing us a nation.

It seems like the venom regarding abortion, is coming mainly from the loony liberal left and not the anti-abortionists, as they and you claim. Maybe secularists, like yourself Rachel, should tone down your condescending rhetoric, especially in condemning people who have religious values, which you don't seem to have. Where is you tolerance for people with opposite opinions? Shame on you for your intolerance.


Chuck on the Right Side


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MK said...

Put that cartoon another way - if barack obama makes a mistake, he wants his daughter to pay for it.

That's how morally bankrupt and disgusting their mindset is.

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