Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Vulgar Miscreants

The current feverish media coverage of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd proves forever the divide that they have constructed in telling Americans about “news”.First, the crowd has chosen a nondescript park well removed from what is Wall Street to conduct their squatting, but the media has said nothing of this. It might as well be Cleveland.

Second, the media has done all it can to draw favorable comparisons to The Tea Party, which is a pathetic mischaracterization of the comparable purposes and behaviors of the two groups; The Tea Party cause has opposed mindless and wasteful government spending and excessive taxation, while the OWS crowd is against Wall Street bailouts, banks, profiteering, millionaires and billionaires, and “social injustice”, whatever that means.

Third, The Tea Party gatherings showed cleanly dressed, well behaved, mostly employed adults with hand-made signs, while OWS is populated by unclean, vulgar, hippy-type miscreants sporting shop-made signs, creating filth but being paid an hourly stipend by “interested parties”, such as the leftist George Soros. One questions the earnest spontaneity of the cause when there is compensation involved, even if the media wont.

The media has spared Americans of the truth about issues, or their favored personalities, like the current president, for the past fifty years. It was during this era that “journalism” died, replaced by reportage whose political leanings super-cede veracity. Trusted outlets of information muddied reality with opinions too often and too well for devotees to notice. Or care. Only the advent of the internet has saved what was once an honored trade.

The media’s refusal to tell Americans that OWS is a mélange of irreverent groupies seeking face-time on TV and handouts begs the question of their message; at least the anti-Vietnam War mobs had one. The comparison with a genuinely focused Tea Party is simply noise.

CBS, earlier this year, vowed to return to journalism. I wish them luck. We all need more truth and less dogma.

Conservative Commentary by Richard Klitzberg

Hat Tip to Chuck On The Right Side

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