Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Guantanamo: Now and Forever

Since no one has asked me – but, I feel that everyone has a right to my opinion, I’ll tell you how I feel about our ‘Gitmo’ Naval Base - - ‘Guantanamo’.


In the first place, it is U. S. territory and we should not ever give that up. While it is but a tiny area surrounded by Castro’s Cuba, it is nevertheless considered and is in fact, soil of the sovereign entity, the United States of America. It should remain so, in perpetuity.

There will always be bad guys to be kept in the slammer. And it appears as if the terrorism threat posed by the evil followers and thugs of evil Islam that has been a presence in this world since the seventh century, is still with us and is likely to be around for a while longer. What better facility to house these rag-headed information sources while extracting their data, than Guantanamo?

There are some frivolous amenities afforded the present group of occupants – Quorans, prayer rugs, clean clothes, good food, free health care and other unprecedented freedoms and privileges for prisoners, etc. - but, when the politically-correct lunacy has been expunged by a more enlightened administration, the environment at Gitmo will be once again return to precisely what it was designed to be – a no-frills prison for incarcerating the worst of the worst.

My second reason for keeping Guantanamo open is to assure that there will be a suitable facility for placement of Obama following his conviction and sentencing for treason and for crimes against the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. If there is any justice to be had in this country, his sentence will be a long one, of solitary confinement in a Federal Penal Institution.

Gitmo fits like a glove.

And furthermore, even if Barack Hussein Obama were to be the sole prisoner in that facility, it should be kept open and maintained. If there is a need to justify all the cell capacity, the list of possible candidates is long. Just run down the entire roster of appointees and advisors by this president including the lengthy laundry list of Czars, the current Democrat leadership in both the Senate and the House plus, all the other Democrats in the Congress.

Attention haters of Liberty : Listen for the slam.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Why do we have People (holder etc) in our Givernment protecting the enemy?
Mort is telling it like it is.