Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pelosi Democrats and Crony Socialism

Once again our Friends from Chuck On The Right Side responds to the Lunatic Fringe also known as the Main Stream Media. These Florida Main Stream Media types just carry water for the Hypocrites like Nazi Pelosi and cower in the corner when Barrack Hussein Obama enters the State.

Dear Professor Watson:

Cheap shot columnist, Professor Robert Watson, you are at it again. Your topic was "tax rebellion", but you had to inject your partisan political bias into your screed by claiming that Republicans are self-proclaimed "patriots" (is that cynicism, or what?) who don't want to close loopholes for millionaires and billionaires. In addition, as a pinnacle of "objective" historical thought, you had to take a few shots at the Republican candidates by not agreeing with you and your fellow lefty liberal Democrats regarding ObamaCare, immigration, or rebuilding infrastructure. What has that got to do with "tax rebellion"?

You ask what is happening that Republicans are anti-tax and anti-government, as opposed, I presume, to the Democrat mantra of tax increases, during a recession, and borrowing more money, which we can't afford, for their "crony Socialism"?

Professor Watson, why don't you go to the library to brush up on your partisan historical ignorance. It is pervasive throughout all your writings.


Chuck On The Right Side

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