Monday, May 17, 2010

Health Care Savings: The New CBO Report

What happened to the savings Obama, Pelosi, and Reid promised us would come with the enactment of the Health Care Legislation?

On Tuesday the Congressional Budget Office “revised” its earlier estimates and announced that instead of a savings there would be a doubling of certain estimated costs from the legislation. The CBO report stated that the rise in discretionary spending (which is required by the annual Congressional authorization needed for the bill) over the first ten years would exceed $115 billion. Two months ago this figure was set at $55 billion based on faulty assumption set forth by Reid, Pelosi, and the Obama Administration.

Rep. Lewis (R., CA) asked for the information before the House voted on the measure and in February wrote to Pelosi asking for the vote to be postponed because “[L]arge sums of discretionary spending in both the House and Senate versions of the health care reform bills have not yet been included in estimates by the CBO, rendering it impossible to make informed decisions regarding the outcome of this legislation.” Pelosi’s response was to push through the bills as fast as possible before all of the facts could get out.

Some of the increased cost estimates in the May report included extensions of existing spending authorizations not included in the March report, future discretionary spending for initially mandatory grants required by the legislation, increased administrative expenses for the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Health and Human Services, as well as grants and other programs contained in the health care bill.

One can only wonder what new revelations will come out – and when – to show the actual cost of this massive legislation.

So much for the most transparent and open Congress that Pelosi promised the U.S. If Pelosi were a spokesperson for a Corporation she would have been charged with false advertising and misrepresentation for the comments she made to get the bill passed.

Written by Jim, a Real Conservative

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