Sunday, May 2, 2010

Conservative George's Opinion on Arizona & Illegal Aliens

Those in our family who preceded us and emigrated to America did so legally.
They paved the way for their offspring to have opportunities denied to them in
the old country.

What is transpiring to day is not the same; the division is legal or illegal
immigration. The latter being unlawful intrusion into our system.

The Bolshevik style protesters against Arizona law, conceived because of lackluster
effort by the federal government, owes my parents and all others who went through
the years and process for immigration and citizenship legally, an apology!

The upper west side, New York type liberal elitist protesters would be the first to
complain somebody jumped the line in front of them at Wal Mart. They would
never let an uninvited guest into their home. Allow them to raid the refrigerator,
park themselves in front of the TV, lounging in their robe and slippers.

We are not talking about immigrants; we are speaking about illegal intruders.
The demonstrators you see on TV have been coached not to display the banners
of their homelands like other times, because it doesn't look good. It reflected an
image of dis assimilation and disrespect for the rule of law.

Patience is their virtue until by volume, administrations like the present one,
changes the face of America.
Written by George!
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