Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poor Obama's Auntie Seituni!

With the amount of publicity and her position as an Obama relative I can see the need of protection now. But she's been here since 2002. If there were any justice, the only people admitted to citizenship would be those who could make a positive contribution to this country. Aunt Zeituni does not seem to live up to this standard.

What I can't understand how she was able to gain the benefits she has been receiving all these years. Housing, Welfare, free Medical care, lawyers, and who knows what else as an ILLEGAL ALIEN! Doesn't anyone check? How did she bump hundreds of deserving taxpaying elderly citizens out of city housing? With designer glasses, MK scarf, lots of jewelry, plenty of legal help by lawyers, obviously an attitude-where is she getting her money? Not from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I'll bet.
How did she get into public housing. We have hundreds of American families living in hotels and shelters because there is no public housing available. This really bothers me. If she is in public housing, how many other illegals are in public housing also. Another problem I have is, how has she been supporting herself? It doesn't sound like she has been working. Is she collecting Welfare or Social Security? I certainly hope not. Why are hard working American citizens constantly denied short term help when illegals can get immediate and continuous help? What's wrong with this picture?

There should be a full investigation into the Boston Housing Authority and whoever the idiot is that approved her housing application should be fired and should reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of her housing.

Your tax dollars at work!

Submitted by Chuck On The Right Side

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