Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our School System in Action

Some recent events in our schools have really brought home how far this country has strayed from its roots.

In Live Oaks High School in California a group of students were sent home for wearing T-shirts and bandannas with the American Flag on them. The reason, according to the school, is that it was “insensitive” to wear such attire on Cinco de Mayo.

I guess we have now gotten to the stage where it is protected free speech to burn or urinate on the American flag – but you lose this protection if you wear attire containing the American flag on May 5th!

Then we have the story from Ann Arbor, Michigan. There an African-American principal organized a field trip for fifth graders – but only African-American students were invited to attend the trip! The trip was to hear a black rocket scientist talk. Did the black rocket scientist speak a language that only African-Americas could understand? I guess it is now OK to discriminate as long as the victims are white.
Written by Jim P., A Real Conservative

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