Thursday, May 20, 2010

America's Arizona

I was brought up by my parents (Democrats) to respect the President of the United States.

I'm sorry! I can't respect the one in office now; not because he's black. I would have gladly voted for the likes of Condoleezza Rice, J.C. Watts or Thomas Sowell.
I have no respect for this one, because he is a dirty stinking liar, surrounded by his staff of Chicago goons, Marxists, perverts and tax frauds.

Illustrating his phoniness is the statement he made referring to Arizona's new law on immigration, that was designed to reinforce federal law. That a family of darker skin complexion will be confronted at an ice cream parlor and challenged to produce papers to prove legal residency. If they fail to do so, they and their little children will be thrown in jail.

This former Harvard law professor should know, if he bothered to read the statute which he did not, that law enforcement cannot stop or detain anyone and ask for their ID without probable cause. Like anyone in the color spectrum suspected of infraction of the law, they will be stopped and asked for identification. What hypocrisy to criticize what he fails to do to uphold the federal law that Arizona asks.

His attorney general, Eric Holder seems to be suffering from the same ailment of jumping to conclusions and dishing out erroneous statements without first reading the statutes. It's just another Cambridge, Massachusetts faux pas, COPS ARE STUPID!

Limited space precludes listing this President's many other falsities.

Written By George, a Real Conservative

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