Friday, May 21, 2010

More facts revealing the Democrats' hypocrisy on Arizona

It looks like we are being trashed by the very people who are supposed to protect us. Big Sis Napolitano and the Coward, Eric Holder want to assume all Police are Racists, just like their boss thinks. These low-lifes did not even read the Law yet they do not agree with it. When will Liberals in America get on the next Mayflower and get the heck out of here! Liberals, Progressives, New Democrat Nazi Party, whatever they want to be called are the scourge of society.

IBD reveals a Homeland Security program to train local police to help round up illegal immigrants - just what the Arizona bill would have them do.
As the administration condemns Arizona for cracking down on illegals, it's training Arizona to do just that. It's called the ICE 287(g) Program.

Homeland Security runs the federal program, which trains state and local police to identify and process criminal aliens for removal from the country. The ACLU gripes the program is "terrorizing immigrant communities," and has urged the administration to abandon it.

But the administration isn't listening. It's signing up several more local law enforcement agencies for the program, which it touts as a success story.
And guess what? Janet Napolitano, who as Homeland Secretary responsible for protecting the borders and former governor of Arizona, is not only quite proud of the program, but signed up Arizona authorities to cooperate with the feds and learn how to identify and arrest illegal immigrants.
Under the 2006 program, more than 1,100 cops with 71 state and local agencies have helped the feds round up more than 110,000 illegals, the report says. Nine Arizona law enforcement agencies have taken advantage of it. In fact, all of the agreements were inked while Janet Napolitano was Arizona governor.

This is the same Napolitano, who despite running the federal program now as Homeland Security chief, is slamming Arizona's tough new immigration code as "bad law enforcement law."

"That's not the kind of law I would have signed," she asserted, explaining that she dealt with "laws of that ilk" in Arizona before and that most police outfits were opposed to them.

In fact, most Arizona cops strongly support the new law — probably because, after training with border agents, they see it works.
Imagine that! She went along as governor and encourages today the very sorts of behavior that she, Obama, and the Democrats are having so much fun demonizing and scare-mongering about.

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