Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Allen West Is No Coward But Patrick Murphy is a Rat

This Patrick Murphy, calls Allen West a Coward? Patrick Murphy is a rat, a lowlife traitor who attacks our Veterans. That’s right I said it! (Hat Tip to Levin)

Murphy calls himself a Democrat in 2012? The Democrats are weasels who gave us the Marxist Leader. The Democrats either supported Barry or they put their head in the sand while their party shoved this Marxist Regime down our throats.

While their Barry, the Democrat Leader was organizing Racists at ACORN, Allen West was fighting for our freedom. Allen West was dominating Radical Islam while Barry Soetoro was hanging around Bill Ayers driving in Limos with Larry Sinclair. Allen West was getting shot at while Barry Soetoro was sitting in Rev Wright’s so-called Church with Racist rants about Jews and Whitey. Barry Soetoro was getting high and hanging around self-described Communists while Allen West was getting up at 5 in the am and doing calisthenics.

So the Democrat’s and self-loathing Whites who placed the real Coward in the White House need to respect Allen West and our Military! Or as Allen West says “Get the Hell Out of the United States”!

Original Artwork by MORT KUFF

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Anonymous said...

Dogs are known to kiss their own ass and I guess he also like kissing
Debbie Wasserman Schultz's ass too!

Johnny Chan said...

I bet Mizz Patrick Murphy is quite comfortable in Wilton Manors.